Rebranding of the product line and updating the website of "Ideal NeMoloko"
Ideal NeMoloko
Redesign of the package for “Ideal NeMoloko” with the aim of updating the visual perception of its products to attract a wider consumer audience as to the benefits of drinking vegetable milk. We were also tasked to update the current website.
A mainly white concept for the “Ideal NeMoloko” was proposed. The white background gives an emotional connection with milk and then with a defining element in the form of a green wave was added. This emphasised the plant origin of the product and by using a large photographic image of the ingridients became the basis for uniting all the products into a line thereby giving a light and modern look. This easily adaptable design made it possible to brand all sizes and types of packages in a single harmonious style, making the presentation of the product as noticeable as possible against the background of its closest competitors The website was updated on its current platform to give a modern, trendy presentation by way of a combination of graphic green elements used as the symbol of the plant origin of the milk and “appetising” photos of the product ingredients, which also symbolised the naturalness of “Ideal NeMoloko”. Interesting fashionable recipes were also added.
Modern packaging attracted the attention of the consumer not only because of the bright design solution, but also the trendy presentation which made the product more desirable for the different categories of consumers of vegetable milk. The product of "Ideal NeMoloko" became more noticeable on the shelves, and also occupied a new niche in the hospitality category as well as becoming a fashionable attribute in coffee outlets. Thanks to the modern presentation, interesting, tested in practice, fashionable recipes. The website of “Ideal NeMoloko” has also noticed an increase of viewer traffic to its pages.
Original - Man holding beer
Processed - Man holding beer