what do you get by working with us?
  • A deep understanding of your needs
  • Taking care of a project
  • The comfort of working with a dedicated team
  • Protection against kitsch in the design
  • The satisfaction with the realization of your project
who are we?

Since 2008 ALMIRA agency has been helping its clients:
– create new brands,
– rebrand and redesign products,
– make  the brightest key images,
– create modern brandbooks, catalogues, booklets and calendars.

what do we do?

We work fast with a view to give the clients high quality work and visual updating of the brand with new innovation, interface and brand perception.

why us?

We have implemented over 1,100 projects where we have provided customers with the necessary  materials that have not only increased sales and but to also successfully enter into new markets.

who is our team?

Our effective team is a union of qualified specialists, marketeers with more than 20 years of experience in advertising and young creative designers. Thanks to our analytical approach and total immersion into the specifics of the client, we find and emphasize the uniqueness of the brand, in order to help the client get a bright and memorable image for their  brand or service.

client testimonials
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