Brand creation for a new product: logo, packaging, brand book
Create branding for a new product including Logo, and brand book for an ear spray based on natural oils. Consideration had to be given by way of a visual solution that raised and highlighted the product which was to be sold to target audiences of adults and children but also to raise the profile of the small packaging that the product was contained in.
Our concept solution was to create and design product base on an elephant archetype, which reflects the association “ ear – elephant”. The main element of the packaging has been developed as a stylized elephant, which is well received by both adults and children. It was coloured in a range of natural colours in order to reflect the naturalness of the product.
Despite of the small size of the packaging this product looks very bright and attractive on the shelves that attracted the attention of the target audience. The brand book contained, in addition to its main parts, an extended POSM.