Create and develop labels for a new product line "Chudo" and to also redesign labels for existing product
To develop a label, for their new taste "Northern Berries", this is to be added to their current line of drinking yoghurts and cottage cheese desserts. Create POS materials. Adapt current labels for their curd dessert to fit a new more convenient 230 grm packaging.
Our decision for the yoghurt was to use bright ripe berry images that emphasised not only the juicy flesh but also highlighted visually the taste of the main ingredients that were to be used. By using a minimalism of composition and by focusing on the large images of berries made it possible to place maximum visual emphasis on the components of the new taste. For the cottage cheese desserts we decided to work in 3D and created a label of hyper realism: mainly a golden spoonful of the cottage cheese which highlighted in minute details the light cottage cheese texture and was further emphasised by the addition of showing a dynamic drop of jam.
Using our labelling resulted in the appearance of a new dessert appearing on store shelves but it also expanded and increased customer awareness of "Chudo" products. It attracted the attention of our target audience to not only to a new product but also to a new blended yoghurt and cheese dessert that gave an agreeably acceptable new flavour to the palette.