Develop a new packaging design for the "Karapuz" baby and child products
To redesign several packaging categories: milk and non-milk cereals, juices, fruit, vegetable and meat purees.
In order to ascertain a potential way forward in redesigning "Karapuz" product line was to create a survey using the social network and invite consumer’s comments regarding "Karapuz" baby and child products. The results strongly showed that the main reason for some customer’s resistance to the product was that the current branding and labelling were outdated.
The client was very happy when we produced updated packaging that used trendy pastel colours and illustrated with appetising images. We are happy to say that this packaging was adopted and accepted by the client and is now being used as the new image and style for this particular line of "Karapuz" products. This has resulted not only in re-establishing connection and purchase interest from previous clients but has also attracted a new customer base.