Create a new brand image for baby food
Healthy eva
Create a visual solution for a baby food brand which is targeting the Chinese market. Healthy Eva gave us two tasks a) they asked us to create a logo which they wanted used as the main character covering their overall brand image. b) We were also asked to create packaging of one style to cover their expanding brand lines SKU.
We created a Logo that not only emphasised the naturalness green ecological colour of the brand conception in the form of an apple then, to give a positive and understandable image for Asian and European markets, we included a cheerful smiling red haired girl that we named Eva. This gave a positive and understandable image for both markets. Several product lines were also created in colours that matched the characteristics of Chinese culture. World design trends are used, such as the enlargement of elements and the laconicism of the backgrounds.
The result was brand image and packaging which generated both conceptually and mentally that the company used natural, safe product for babies that can be used from their first year of life. It also generated an image that was not only understandable but also projected affordability, trustworthiness and parent-friendly products, which evoked a positive emotion to the consumer which gave them a one stop purchase point for several products and thereby eliminated the hassle of choosing food from several producers for young children.