Brand Naming and Image. Development of a brand book. Product catalogue and packaging for Grano de Oro LTD
Grano de Oro
Grano de Oro was a new company and tasked us to create their total marketing and sales profile by creating a brand look, logo design, brand book creation, packaging and a product catalogue.
The name of the company had been chosen to reflect the style of the company and to also emphasize its origins (Spain). A bright warm yellow was chosen for the logo, to reflect the association of the name of the company. The brand book use of a gold pantone for the printed material gives a hint of richness that reflected the premium market segment envisaged for the product and sales of its high quality seeds. We developed a unique pattern in the design for the packaging that also distinguished this company from its competitors.
The result was a bright and sunny style that stands it out from its competitors, who often use quieter colours such as blue and green. A catalogue, with a dramatic black cover was created that was unusual and highly visual in the agro market. The catalogue visualised its three prime elements "seeds - land - harvest". A full range of brand styles were also created to enable this successful company’s entry into this market.