Creation of a modern logo for a powerful Ukrainian agricultural holding and create a brand book
To create a modern logo for a powerful Ukrainian agricultural holding Vitagro and create a convenient brand book for the internal and external needs of the company.
The logo is based on a stylized leaf of a plant and a seed that reflects the agricultural profile of the company. The interconnection of these elements symbolizes the synergy of all areas of the company’s activities of which the main pursuit is crop production. By balancing these elements geometrically, identifies the company as being stable and powerful. The Logo is dynamic and reflects the constant growth of the business. The colour of the logo type being reflected in green and yellow, clearly identifies that the company operates in the agricultural sector. A modern brand book has also been created.
The stylish minimalistic logo that is understandable to both Ukrainian and international audiences and is focused on the B2B sphere. It reflects the company's mission statement that "everything starts from the ground" and shows that this is an agricultural holding company that is engaged in various activities from crop production to elevators. The brand book has a convenient format and contains all the necessary content for use, not only within the company, but also with its external contractors and partners.