Develop a series of packages for natural cosmetics for "Svitlitsa"
To create packaging design for a new brand of natural homeopathic cosmetics which were to be a first to be marketed in Ukraine.
As this product was to be marketed throughout Ukraine we chose an unusual and innovative 2 layer packaging concept. The outer layer was created by using a light recycled metal container and to this we then applied labelling using an illustration created by a famous Ukrainian artist Ksenia Voloshina. For the second internal package, which contained the homeopathic cream, we created a plastic jar made also from recycled plastic. The jar produced was slightly smaller than the outer layer and the space between was filled with natural dried flowers and plants. So when the first container was opened, aroma from these plants highlighted the scent of the cream contained in the inner jar.
The client appreciated the unique package offered and also understood that we had not only been able to achieve a Ukrainian theme by way of design but also by using discreet soft colouring in the labelling we also had highlighted the naturalness of the ingredients which was fully consistent with the clients brand image.