Creation of a corporate brand book for the company
Create a brand book for a well-known Ukrainian pharmaceutical company that has been operating for over 15 years by bringing all diverse materials into a single style; develop a brand identity and create brand visualisation to be shown internally throughout their offices and branded staff clothing.
Our decision was that the image of the company needed to be modernised in order to reflect its innovative approach for all of its products by using a deep scientific insight and advanced technologies. We created an updated logo by realigning its original geometric parameters. A new more modern tint for the existing Logo colour was used and additional colours were inserted that gives a bold modern visual image. Using this updated brand identity a wide range of souvenir and promotional products were also created.
The result was that we took all the elements of the company covering over 15 years in the market and made a complete categorisation which brought all these elements into a single corporate standard. This included giving the logo a bright bold modern redesign, development of the brand identity and corporate designed clothing for different divisions of the company. Also examples for interior visual solutions for the new offices for the company were developed.