Development of images for Corteva products
To create images for Corteva fungicides, herbicides and insecticides that were to be used on roll-up posters and for layouts for the press with also the possibility that they can be adapted to other formats.
To develop the image of the herbicide "Harmony Classic" in the early spring artiplex weeds were specially grown in a greenhouse and photographed. Thanks to this solution actual pictures of real weeds were able to be used. In the image for the herbicide "Petra" we used a collage method in order to depict the growth phases of the soybeans. This produced a layout that looked natural, as depicted the sprouts as if they were actually growing next to each other. For the images to be used in the roll-up posters that were to be used to represent their plant protection products (Nurell D, Principle, Tolendo, Ditan M-45 and Cosside 2000), we moved away from the traditional image of apple tree branches with fruit and blossom and instead used images that showed ripe, red apples. Thus, we created several distinguished layouts that raised their product profile above their competitors.
The images were made in a natural and realistic style, which corresponded to the main principle rules of the company. Moreover, we were completely different in our approach that offered the client a creative eye-catching solution.