Key Image for BAYER herbicide "Artist"
Create a key Image for the herbicide "Artist", to show that this herbicide is so highly effective in protecting potatoes and soybeans that it deserved the highest award by way of a golden statuette.
For the design of the gold statuette, we chose an Oscar look for farmers. The prototype image for creating a 3D model of the gold statuette "Oscar of Farmers" was to use an image of a real simple Ukrainian farmer. Based on his photo, a drawing was developed and 3D modelling was created. Beautiful clean fields showing young shoots of potatoes were chosen to be the background for the "Farmers' Oscar" statuette.
The unique Key Image with the 3D statuette "Farmer's Oscar" maximised and emphasized the high efficiency of the "Artist" herbicide for the protection of potatoes and soybeans and not only drew attention to the product but also increased consumer confidence.